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Klenzeen Probe Wipes 70% IPA


Klenzeen Probe Wipes 70% IPA

28gsm Blue non-woven

Probe Wipes are constructed from nonwoven fabric which provides a suitable and cost-effective applicator. Impregnated with an anti-bacterial solution containing a broad-spectrum biocide and has been found to be effective against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli, Enterococcus Hirae and MRSA. They are primarily used on food probes and similar instruments to clean, sanitise and disinfect all in one action.

Available in 3 handy dispensing formats. These wipes are food safe blue in colour and do contain 70% IPA.Klenzeen Probe Wipes 70 IPA

  • European standards EN1276 and EN13697.
  • Code KZJ013 Probe wipes pocket pack, Sheet size 9 x 10cm, 10 x 70 sheets
  • Code KZJ016 Probe wipes, Sheet size 12 x 18cm, 12 x 100 sheets
  • Code KZJ007 Probe wipes, Sheet size 12 x 13cm, 12 x 200 sheets