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Klenzeen Cleaning & Degreasing


Klenzeen Cleaning & Degreasing

70gsm Bonded Polyester and Cellulose Fibres/hydrospun. Blue/white Cleaning & Degreasing wipe is an incredibly tough and durable wiper, suitable for use in all industrial, engineering and food preparation areas, this premium wiper is an ideal solvent wipe retaining strength even when wet.

  • Solvent resistant, strong, tough and durable, highly absorbent and Low linting.Klenzeen Cleaning & Degreasing Wipes
  • Suitable for many wiping tasks where speed of absorption is important.
  • Has the feel of a rag but with better performance and disposability.

Available in two handy dispensing formats and available in white and blue.

  • Code KZI003 Cleaning & degreasing 26 x 28cm, 280 sheets Karibox
  • Code KZI004 Cleaning & degreasing 30 x 40cm, 400 sheets Floorstand