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Klenzeen Super K Cloths


Klenzeen Super K Cloths

45gsm Apertured Spunlace 100% Viscose

Super K multi-wipe is the classic catering cloth, made from apertured spunlace material, highly absorbent, tough and durable with excellent particle pick-up, contains anti-bacterial treated fibres which inhibits germ growth on the cloth.Super K Rolls Cloths

  • Available in 2 handy dispensing formats.
  • Available colours Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/White.
  • Code KZJ003 Large ¼ folded, Sheet size 50 x 36cm, 10 x 50 sheets.
  • Code KZJ003A Centre feed roll, Sheet size 25 x 36cm, 2 x 250 sheets.