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Klenzeen Lightweight Cloths


Klenzeen Lightweight Cloths

40gsm Chemically Bonded 100% Viscose

Lightweight multi-wipe is an ideal general purpose wiper, suitable for use in all areas from mopping spills, dishwashing and general wiping.

Available in five colours for efficient hygiene management.

  • Versatile, cost effective and available in 3 handy dispensing formats.Klenzeen - Lightweight Cloths
  • Available colours Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/White

Code KZJ001 Large ¼ folded, Sheet size 48 x 36cm, 10 x 50 sheets.
Code KZJ001 Small ¼ folded, Sheet size 30 x 36cm, 20 x 50 sheets
Code KZJ002 Centre feed roll, Sheet size 24 x 36cm, 2 x 350 sheets